10 Clever Ways to Get Paid While Travelling the World

Are you an adventurous spirit that wants to see the world?  But you don’t know how to make money while on your journey?  If so, you have come to the right place!  Today, I’m going to tell you about 10 unique ways to get paid while traveling the world.

1. Work as a Diving Instructor

Is one of your passions scuba diving?  If it is, then you just might be able to land yourself a job as a diving instructor.  You can find diving instructor jobs at resorts around the world and the pay is not too shabby.  In certain areas, you can make up to £150 a day.  Not bad for doing something you love!

2. Become a Farm Hand

If you are traveling in a rural part of the world, you might want to try your hand at becoming a farm hand.  While the pay won’t be amazing, you’ll probably get your accommodation and food covered, and you will get the chance to learn something new and work with cute animals.  Also, you will learn how to grow your own vegetables and fruits – life skill? Check.

3. Be a Bee Keeper

Like a farm hand, you can work as a bee keeper in many parts of the world.  This unique job is both fun and rewarding.  Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem so learning more about them while getting paid to do so is great.  But if you are allergic to bees like I am, you may want to choose another line of work!

4. Work at a Hostel

Another great on the road job, working at a hostel can provide you with some cash.  Plus, you might get to stay for free and eat a few meals on the house.  This job is perfect for the backpack traveller and there are millions of hostels around the world so you’ll be able to find a place that suits you.

5. Become a Tour Guide

During your travels, you will find many opportunities to work as a tour guide.  These easy jobs will allow you to mingle with other travellers and make some cold hard cash at the same time.  Many people who travel the world choose this work option.

6. Use Your Skills as a Photographer

If you love to take photos and you have a decent camera, you can make some extra cash to fuel your journey.  As a travel photographer, you will get paid for the pictures you take by marketing them to companies and individuals.  Many people, including webmasters and marketers, are always looking for photos, or you can list them on photo sharing sites such as shutterstock, pixabay and flickr to get noticed.

7. Become a Travel Guide Researcher

Many travel guide companies will pay you to do their research for them.  As you travel, you will make note of the places you go and things you find.  This information will then be used by a writer to produce a travel guide.  While these jobs are harder to find than some on the list, landing one could pay very well.  This job is great for those who love to explore the depths of a city and go where most tourists never venture.

8. Teach English

If you are a native English speaker, then you can often find a job teaching your language to others around the world.  You can either work in a classroom environment teaching many different people or work one on one with your student. You can also teach online.  Teaching English jobs pay very well in most parts of the world and you can expect to make up to £20 an hour.

9. Work on a Cruise Ship

Do you love to sail on the ocean?  If you do, then working on a cruise ship just might be the right travel job for you!  There are many different jobs that you can find on a cruise ship including server, deck hand, room attendant and much more.  These jobs don’t start out paying well, but you will get other great things in return.  Most cruise lines offer free room and board.  The best part has to be all the free travel you will receive.

10. Become a Travel Blogger

Do you have a passion for writing and telling your story?  If so, then why not share your travels with the world?  As a travel blogger, you will earn money from your blog in several different ways.  You will earn from the ads that you place on your blog, and eventually collaborate with brands who feel they’re a good fit for your audience. Find out what makes a successful travel blogger here.

As you can see, there are different ways to earn money while seeing the world.  So, now that you know, why not get started on your journey of a lifetime today?  You never know what great things are out there for you to see and do.

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