101 Travel Gift Ideas for Travelers Who Have Everything

Looking for gift ideas for the traveler who has everything? Look no further than this ultimate list of gift ideas for travelers, which has practical ideas for every taste and budget. From explorers to flashpackers, you’ll find something to please the traveler in your life.

Disclaimer: Some of the links within this article are affiliate links which, if you choose to buy anything from I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This keeps me travelling and able to bring you more useful travel content. Thanks for your support!

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101 travel gift ideas


  • maxwell scott bag tan

    1. Weekend Bag

    You can’t beat a good, high quality leather holdall, and this one from Maxwell Scott Bags is a classic design. It’s a bit pricey but will see you through years of short breaks.

  • daybag 12. Day Bag 

    This classic unisex day bag will keep your essentials tidy and safe, and you’ll look pretty awesome, too! Perfect for city breaks and last minute romantic weekends away.

  • backpack zephr

    3. Backpack

    Lightweight and versatile, the Lowe Alpine Zephyr ND 55:65 is great for hiking and for general travel too. It’s also sensibly priced at under £100.

  • wheeled suitcase4. Wheelie Suitcase 

    When only wheels will do, this hard shelled suitcase keeps everything neat and dent-free, and even fits into stingy Ryanair’s on board luggage allowance dimensions.

  • pacsafe

    5. Safe Bag

    If you’re planning a stay in a hostel, this small bag from Pacsafe doubles up as a safe to keep your valuables out of reach.

  • camera bag6. Camera Bag

    Keep your DSLR tucked away out of sight with this stylish camera back from Koolertron. You’d never even know a DSLR fits inside!

  • underwear storage bag

    7. Underwear storage bag

    Keep your bras and panties tidy with this cute little underwear storage bag. Available in light and dark blue, green and pink.

  • packing cubes8. Packing Cubes

    Tired of your stuff getting jumbled up in your bag? Separate your underwear from your outerwear with these durable bags.

  • jewellery roll

    9. Jewellery Roll

    Jewellery is always a pain to transport, but with this neat little roll, you’ll make sure your necklaces never get tangled again!

  • makeup bag10. Makeup Bag

    Get the message across with this cute ‘Do what you love’ makeup bag. And what you love is to travel, obviously! 🙂

  • luggage locks

    11. Luggage Locks

    Lock your suitcase tight when in transit with these colourful TSA approved locks.

  • luggage scales12. Luggage Scales 

    Never get hit by excess baggage fees again with this ‘handy’ hand held luggage scale.

  • travel towel

    13. Travel Towel

    Don’t rely on hotels and hostels to provide you with a clean towel – make sure you have your own!

  • toiletries bag14. Toiletries Bag

    Store your shampoos and other toiletries in this cute bag which you can also hang up on the wall. Available in blue and pink.

  • dry bag

    15. Dry Bag

    If you love to swim, then this dry bag is perfect for keeping all of your essentials dry whilst you’re in the water.

  • shoe bag16. Shoe & General Purpose Bags

    Keep your shoes and everything else clean, tidy and separated with these adorable drawstring bags. Available in loads of happy colours.

  • wine bag

    17. Inflatable Wine Bag

    For travellers who can’t go for too long without their favourite tipple, these inflatable wine bags will keep your bottle intact.

  • luggage tracker18. Luggage Tracker 

    Never lose a bag again with this GPS enabled luggage tracker, with a built in microphone for ‘listening’ to the other end!


  • joby gorillapod

    19. Joby Gorrilapod 

    This flexible tripod is perfect for getting those hard to access shots – it can wrap around fences, branches or anything else for that matter!

  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver

    20. GoPro Hero 4

    I absolutely adore my GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a built in LED screen so you can see what you’re shooting in real time.

  • GoPro accessories

    21. GoPro Accessories

    Be prepared for anything with this basic GoPro accessories kit including selfie stick, head mount and chest strap.

  • steadycam

    22. GoPro Steadycam (Gimbal)

    My GoPro steadycam is one of the best investments I’ve made for shooting professional quality video without camera-shake.

  • iphone 6

    23. Smart Phone

    There are thousands of smartphones but for me, the best is still the iPhone 6 for its superior quality images and fun features such as slow mo and pano, for amazing panoramic shots.

  • olloclip

    24. Clip On Smartphone Lens

    This awesome lens from Olloclip clips onto your iPhone or any other smart phone and lets you take fisheye, wide angle and macro photos.


  • ipod nano

    26. iPod Nano

    They may be less popular now than a few years ago but there’s still a place for the humble iPod. Having your tunes seperate from your smart phone means you’re not eating up vital memory space, and you can send it to the front of the bus to be the official DJ without running down your smartphone battery.

  • iphone case

    27. iPhone Case

    If you’re shelling out on an expensive phone you’re going to want to make sure it’s protected from the elements. This case is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof… Bring it on!

  • hard drive

    28. Hard Drive

    Store all of those holiday memories with this 2TB Hard drive – this is more than enough storage for the videos and snaps from a year round the world!

  • Gen 1 item finder

    29. Tile Item Finder 

    Ever lost your keys or your phone? Never again with this item finder. Keep track of everything and sound an alarm when items get lost.

  • autographer wearable camera

    30. Wearable Camera

    Automatically shoot photos as  you walk around a new locale, and select the best ones of the day using the Autographer app. A sneaky way to make sure you’re always keeping memories.

  • travel charger

    31. Power Bank

    Never run low on battery again with this powerful portable power bank. Charge your phone, tablet and more several times over with just one charge.

  • roll up charger

    32. USB Roll Up Charger

    Charge up to 4 devices at one time with this roll away charging station.

  • portable speaker

    33. Portable Speaker

    This rechargeable speaker will allow you to play your favourite tunes on LOUD as you get ready for a night out.

  • belkin surge protector34. Surge Protected Charger

    For those with a lot of tech to charge all at once, this mini travel swivel charger with surge protection (to not overdo it on sensitive mobile devices) is a godsend.

  • sony noise cancelling headphones

    35. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    These affordable headphones from Sony will drown out any traces of screaming baby from that long haul flight.

  • solar powered charger

    36. Foldable Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

    For serious campers who can’t bear to stay disconnected, this solar powered smart phone charger is just the ticket.

  • all in one charger

    37. All In One Charger

    Convert any power socket in the world as well as charge your tech via the handy USB ports. It even has a car charger for those long road trips.

  • kindle paperwhite

    38. Kindle

    Carry thousands of books around with you in your back pocket with a trusty Kindle. I like the paperwhite version as you can still read in bright sunlight (like lazing on a beach for example)!

  • how not to travel the world

    39. E-Book

    Written by fellow travel blogger Lauren Juliff, this hilarious and light-hearted look at travel will have you laughing and cringing your way through your holiday. Available in paperback or e-book for Kindle.

  • macbook air

    40. Laptop

    OK, this is a little on the pricier end of presents for travellers, but if you’re feeling generous, then a Macbook Air would make a fantastic traveller treat thanks to its compact size and zippy handling.

  • laptop case

    41. Laptop Case

    Once you’ve bought the laptop, you may as well protect it well, and this shockproof, splash-proof case from iCozzier is one of the best out there, and really well priced too.

Keeping Safe

  • sholdit

    43. Theft-proof Scarf

    Keep your valuables locked away… in your scarf? This infinity wrap scarf contains a zip lock pocket hidden out of sight and comes in loads of designs.

  • bug repellent bracelet

    44. Bug Repellent Bracelet

    If you’re like me and bugs just can’t get enough of your delicious blood, then a bug repellent bracelet is just what you need! Love the thumbs up, too!

  • personal safety rape alarm

    45. Personal Safety Alarm

    If you travel alone, then carrying a personal safety alarm is a good idea simply for peace of mind.

  • insurance

    46. Travel Insurance

    Never travel uninsured. You never know when you might need it, and if you’re as accident prone as I am, then it’s a must! I chose Insure and Go, but shop around for the right policy for you.

  • bra stash

    47. Bra Stash

    Everyone knows that hiding your cash in your boobies is the best. End of.

  • steripen

    48. Water Purifier

    There are hundreds of ways to make sure your drinking water abroad is clean, but the Steripen is the the original, most compact and least messy way.

  • water purification tablets

    49. Water Purification Tablets

    If the pen isn’t your thing or you’re on more of a budget, then clean your water with tablets instead. They taste pretty off, but will make any water drinkable.

  • toothbrush sanitiser

    50. Toothbrush Steriliser

    One of the grossest things about long term travel is having to put your toothbrush in and out of your wash bag… Keep on top of the skank with this handy (and cheap) toothbrush sanitiser!

  • door alarm

    51. Door Alarm

    Sleep soundly in dodgy looking accommodation with an alarmed door wedge! OTT? Maybe. But it might just scare any burglars right away!

  • first aid kit

    52. First Aid Kit

    Having a comprehensive first aid kit is a must on any holiday or extended trip. Even if it’s just a few plasters and painkillers, you don’t want to be struggling to find them when you need them!

  • hand sanitiser

    53. Hand Sanitiser

    OK this might just be the OCD in me, but travelling can bring about a few dirty toilets here and there. I like to be prepared with some HAND-y sanitiser. Geddit?

  • ultrasun

    54. Sun Lotion

    I always make sure I’m properly protected from the sun (SPF30 is my friend) but hate to fill my skin with chemicals. Ultrasun is non-greasy, quick to rub in and free from chemical nasties.

Keeping Comfy

  • ostrich pillow

    55. Ostrich Pillow

    This is my favourite invention, possibly ever. Ultimate comfiness whichever way your head flops, and space for you to put your arms inside too! Yes you’ll look ridiculous but it’s worth it for a good sleep!

  • J neck pillow

    56. Neck Pillow

    The J Pillow is a travel pillow with a difference. The neck support stops your head from rolling forwards – perfect for economy seat head-lollers like me!

  • in flight comfort kit57. In Flight Comfort Kit

    Make sure long flights are as comfy as possible with this comfort kit from Mountain Warehouse. It contains an eye mask, flight socks and blow up neck pillow.

  • mini umbrella

    58. Mini Umbrella

    We all hope it won’t rain on holiday but you can never be certain you won’t get showered on out of the blue. Be prepared with this mini umbrella, available in tons of colours and designs.

  • sleeping bag liner59. Sleeping Bag Liner

    I use my silk sleeping bag liner as a barrier for bedbugs and other nasties when staying in crappy hostels, or even for catching a nap at an airport.

  • motion sickness wristband

    60. Motion Sickness Wristband

    If you get a churning feeling about being on a boat or on a bus going along windy roads, then an acupressure wrist band could help.

Keeping Organised

  • seat pak62. Seat Pak

    This ingenious product will revolutionise the way you fly. Fitting snugly in the seat back pocket, the Seat Pak has storage for your passport, boarding passes, pen, wallet, headphones, mobile phone, sleep shades, a travel toothbrush/toothpaste, and reading glasses.

  • cocoon grid it63. Cocoon Grid-It

    Without a doubt, one of the most useful things I travel with. Keep all your small bits and pieces strapped to this backpack sized board – ideal for iPods, small cameras, pens, torches, hard drives etc. I LOVE mine!

  • city maps crumpled64. Crumpled City Maps

    These maps can be used and abused – tied around things, crumpled into pockets and soaked in water, and you’ll still be able to use them! Available for cities worldwide including London, Berlin, Tokyo and New York.

  • passport holder65. Ticket and Passport Holder

    Keep all of your essential travel documents together including passport, tickets, spare credit cards and insurance documents.

  • jacket66. Magic Jacket

    You’d never know by looking that this jacket contains 25 concealed pockets to store valuables in, all strategically placed to avoid the tell-tale ‘bulge’. It’s also waterproof with removable hood and sleeves.

  • 100ml bottles67. Mini Bottles

    Make sure all of your lotions and potions are stored in 100ml bottles (or less) if you’re taking them on board a flight. This set comes with a clear bag to make going through airport security a breeze.

  • money belt68. Money Belt

    If you don’t fancy storing stuff in your bra, stash your valuables away under your clothes in this slimline money belt. Hint: Don’t wear a dress or you’ll be hitching it up to grab your cash!

  • organiser wrap69. Travel Organiser Wrap

    Also a great way to keep everything together, this cute boho-style wrap is perfectly sectioned and small enough to keep your tiny things tidy.

  • torch70. Mini Torch

    A super bright mini torch is an absolute must for camping trips or even for staying in hostels, so you don’t wake up the whole room when you’re rummaging around for your pyjamas at night!

  • passport holder jelly beans71. Passport Cover

    Stand out from the crowd and avoid scratching or damaging that valuable passport with a funky passport holder. They’re bright, colourful and so cheap!

  • notebook72. Notebook and Pen

    Great to write down all those travel memories before they fade, I travel everywhere with a notebook. I especially love this notebook and pen set.

  • bath plug73. Bath Plug

    You might think a universal bath plug is a weird thing to travel with, but trust me. Use it to fill up your sink with cold water, add your warm beers and wait 20 minutes. Hey presto… Cold beers without a fridge!

  • travel cutlery74. Travel Cutlery

    Ever been stuck eating noodles without chopsticks or rice without a spoon? It’s no fun eating messy foods with your hands, so be prepared with a travel sized cutlery set.

  • swiss army knife75. Swiss Army Knife

    Be prepared for anything with a comprehensive Swiss Army Knife (also known as a multitool). This one from Victorinox has a knife, can opener, bottle opener, saw and scissors, and much more.

  • carabiner76. Carabiners

    Carabiners are so useful as they’re not only used for securing ropes whilst climbing, but for hanging extras from your bag (like shoes, walking poles etc).

  • iceplc77. Currency Card

    For anyone travelling long-term, a currency card is the best way to get fair rates on your cash abroad. I use ICE, and it’s been brilliant so far, saving me around 1% on all currency withdrawals on average.

Looking Good

  • bikini79. Bikini

    There are so many awesome bikinis out there, but I simply love these fluorescent cut-out style bikinis, available in all kinds of colours.

  • shorts

    80. Shorts

    These lightweight and super comfy shorts from Royal Robbins are the ideal buddies for a hiking trip or city break. They also contain SPF and dry amazingly quickly. I absolutely love my pair.

  • hiking boot81. Hiking Boots

    Choose a boot with a high ankle for lots of support (especially if you’re prone to sprains like me!). Look out for boots with waterproofing and which are lightweight for easy packing.

  • icebreaker merino

    82. Base Layer

    I don’t think there’s a better base layer than this breathable top from Icebreaker Merino, which keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. I wear mine all the time.

  • argan oil83. Haircare

    I love Argan Oil as it keeps my wavy hair in check. Use a penny sized amount through dry hair for shiny hair which works well in high humidity.

  • foldable shoes

    84. Foldable Shoes

    For when you really can’t be bothered with heels anymore. Keep a pair of these foldable shoes in your day bag and whip them out when your feet start to hurt… Bliss!

  • onesole85. Changeable Top Shoes

    Onesole are one pair of shoes you can dress up and down by changing the top. So easy and quick to do, and the tops take up almost no space in your bag.

  • TheDressySweatpant

    86. Dressy Sweatpants

    Is there anything more beautiful than the words ‘dressy sweatpants’? They look great but are actually so comfortable. Sign me up!

  • sarong87. Sarong

    A basic sarong is useful for so many things… Covering up on the beach or in a temple, sitting on top of on a sandy beach, wearing as a dress, a skirt, a scarf. The list goes on!

  • rain jacket

    88. Rain Jacket

    Available in men and women’s versions, this good value rain jacket is a staple for anyone’s backpack.

  • solid perfume89. Solid Perfume

    Avoid any messy spills or broken bottles with a solid perfume. I like DOT by Marc Jacobs. It smells great and the packaging is beyond cute.

  • gandys flip flops

    90. Gandys Flip Flops

    With each purchase of Gandys Flip Flops you’ll be helping orphans build better lives in developing countries. Plus there are so many beautiful designs available, Gandys has got to be the best flip flop company out there.

  • travel straighteners91. Travel Straighteners

    Make sure your hair always looks fab, even in high humidity with these teeny little travel straighteners. Get a heat proof travel mat and you’ve got the perfect gift set, too!

  • travel hair dryer

    92. Travel Hair Dryer

    I love this matching pink travel hair dryer too. So perfect for girly girls who want more room in their case for shoes 🙂

  • dry shampoo93. Dry Shampoo

    For those days when you really can’t be bothered to wash your hair, just spray on a little dry shampoo, ruffle your hair and you’ll be on your way! For me, the best is still Batiste.

  • makeup

    94. Makeup Mini Set

    When it comes to travelling makeup, small and versatile is the key. ‘Life of the Party’ from Benefit contains all you need on a daily basis – mascara, primer, blush, shadow and lip stain.

  • folding sunglasses95. Folding Sunglasses

    I don’t know about you, but I’m forever breaking sunglasses in my bag. But these folding sunnies cleverly fold into a tiny compact size and come with a hard case to protect them. Perfect!

  • shirt protector

    96. Shirt Transporter

    Tired of shirts getting crumpled in your bag? The Shirt Shuttle protects your ironed shirts from ‘bag squash’ and ensures they arrive in the same condition as you packed them in.

Keeping Fit

  • yoga mat98. Yoga Mat

    I am in love with yoga, and carry a mat around so I can do my practice anywhere. Make sure you choose one with a protective bag so you can strap it to the side of your backpack without it getting ruined.

  • running buddy99. Running Buddy

    Holds all your essentials including a phone, keys, credit cards and cash in a belt-free pouch with two pockets, (the inner one is water-resistant). Strong magnets keep the Running Buddy in place no matter how much you’re moving.

  • fitbit100. Fitbit

    Keep track of your fitness goals with Fitbit. Record workouts, see real-time exercise stats and have summaries automatically appear on your Fitbit dashboard on the Fitbit smartphone app.

  • skipping rope101. Skipping Rope

    One of the most portable pieces of exercise equipment you can buy, you can keep healthy with just a few minutes of skipping per day, and the best part is you can do it anywhere.

BONUS! #102

If you still can’t see what you’re looking for, why not check out this great selection of Christmas Hampers

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