3 Magical Dresses for Curvy Girls

I got trolled by a lady with tourettes this week. It was late, I’d just finished work and was walking through the tube station alone, when I heard a lady behind me singing.

It was obvious she had tourettes by the way she was trying to stop herself whistling and singing “my old man’s a dustman”, and I kind of just noted it and went about my day. I was walking about 5 steps in front of her, and we were the only people on the escalator.

“Her arse is BIG!”

The shock of it make me spin around, the poor lady looking away sheepishly, and I couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing! I mean, it must be really embarrassing not to be able to control what comes out of your mouth. Every little thing you think is out there for the world to hear.

I think she was relived that I wasn’t mad. And yeah, she has a point really. My arse is on the large side, and even moreso since I’ve been working out more. As they say in Bridget Jones, I’ve got an arse you can park your bike in and rest your pint on.

That day I happened to be wearing some slinky blue trousers that clung in all the right places, and the poor lady didn’t stand a chance!

At┬ámy ripening age though, I reckon I’ve learned to dress for my shape, which by the way is the classic pear: Small on the top and large on the bottom. Like a weeble. For me it’s all about nipping in the waist so I always choose dresses and skirts to do this.

So I wanted to share my current top 3 dresses for any occasion, perfectly suited to all those ladies out there who embrace their curvy body shape.

Coast Brooke Bandeau Dress

This beautiful dress from Simply Be zips and nips you in at the waist, giving you a lovely hourglass shape, but not in a hideously figure-hugging way. The bandaeu cut shows off the shoulders and the top layer gives it a bit of drama.

Where to wear? At a wedding or to the races.

Buy it here.

Wolf & Whistle Pleated Colour Block Midi Dress

I absolutely love the way the way the black area of this dress cuts upwards into the blue, and the waistband cinches in and flattens my stomach. The pleats add some lovely movement and skim over that big peach nicely too.

Buy it here

Where to wear? To the office if you’re going out for a drink after work

Red Floral Print Prom Dress

I’m a real sucker for bright colours, so when I saw this dress I knew we’d be friends. The bardot neckline is really flattering and the bottom section is really lovely and floaty. Just right for a late summer or early Autumn event.

Buy it here

Where to wear? Dress up for a wedding or down for a street party. I wore mine to my dad’s birthday party (above).

So if you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion and you want to feel fantastic, I hope my suggestions have helped you out. Feel free to suggest any of your favourites in the comments below.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Simply Be.

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