Over 3 months in India, The Good, The Bad and The Budget

I did it. I travelled for 103 days through India and lived to tell the tale!

The final stretch of travel through India proved to be both incredible and trying at the same time. I was suffering a little from ‘travel burnout’ in the end, and the extreme heat of Delhi didn’t help. It was just before the monsoon season when I finally left India and you could feel the temperature rising by the day!

That said, I absolutely loved my time in the Himalayas. It was the perfect opportunity to escape the heat and to get in some amazing hiking. My favourite!

Having arrived in India on the 10th February, I’ve been keeping track of my costs and highlights each month, but it felt right to sew it all up in one neat package per country, rather than by month.

So below is a summary of my travels and costs for travelling through India from 10 April – 23 May (6 weeks and 1 day). You can find the previous months’ summaries here:

Month 1 in India (10 Feb – 9 March)

Month 2 in India (10 March to 9 April)

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If you’re looking for a quick, visual account of how much I spent over the entire 3 and a half months in India, I’ve made a quick infographic to save you looking through the previous posts, although feel free to go back and read them for more detail.

india 3 month road trip

As always, if you’re planning a trip to any of the places I’ve been to, please do ask me anything by leaving a comment below or dropping me an email.

Month 3: Places visited

Udaipur – Loved this city with its beautiful fort and lake.

Jaisalmer – I did the most amazing camel safari here in the Thar Desert and stayed at the beautiful Suryagarh hotel.

Jodhpur – A quick stop through here but got Delhi Belly… See the video of my struggle at Jodhpur station here. Not my finest hour.

Pushkar – Had a little wobble here and decided I thought North India sucked, but then got invited to an Indian wedding, and everything was right with the world again!

Amritsar – Saw the amazing Golden Temple and the pomp and ceremony of the guards at the Wagah border.

McLeod Ganj (Near Dharamshala) – Hiked the Triund and recharged my batteries

Manali – Stayed at a wonderful hotel built like a castle, and became adventurous again! Check out my top 10 adventures in Manali.

Delhi – Went to see an Alt-J gig, but it was ruined by a stupid girl in my hostel.

Agra (for the Taj Mahal) – Watched the sun rise over the Taj Mahal. It was epic.

Locations map Apr / May:

The Good

  • I finally fell out of love but then back in love with India. I think this is testimony to the craziness of the country, but I ended up in love, so that was all good. 🙂
  • Being invited to an Indian wedding was an absolutely amazing experience, although extremely odd and funny at the same time. Read more here.

turban wedding

  • I finally mastered the basics of Hindi, being able to hold my own with ‘hello’ (namaste), ‘how are you?’ (Aap Kaise Hain?), and ‘what is your name?’ (Aap ka naam kya hai?) being my staples. Nailed it.
  • I had some of the most delicious food of my life in Rajasthan. Especially the lentil kofta curry in Jaisalmer. Incredible, and you should definitely try it!
  • The camel safari in Jaisalmer was one of the highlights of my entire trip to India. Setting up a mattress on the sand dunes and sleeping under the stars… you can’t get much better than that!

camel silly face

  • I’ve decided the people of Amritsar deserve the award for ‘friendliest people in India’. They are so warm and everyone was willing to help, or even just stop and have a chat!
  • I knew I would love it, but going into the mountains was one of the best decisions I made for myself, when the pressures of travelling through India were just getting too much. I spent 2 weeks in Manali just working and letting myself unwind.


  • Yak cheese! Sounds gross but actually delish.
  • A drive through the Parvati Valley to Kasol in the Himalayas was like something out of the Lord of the Rings. Show-stopping views at every turn.

parvati valley

  • The Stops Hostel in Delhi was one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in. Clean rooms, great wifi, free breakfast and a massive cinema room showing Bollywood movies. Yes.
  • Ending my trip to India with a glimpse of the Taj Mahal was unforgettable.

taj mahal alternative

The Bad

  • The touts in Pushkar were some of the worst I’ve ever seen, using religious guilt to try and con you out of a LOT of money. If you’re visiting Pushkar then please be careful… you might want to read the full story here.
  • I spent an hour hiking in the wrong direction at the Triund, which meant having to turn back to the start. I didn’t make it to the top but it was still amazing.
  • The heat. If you’re planning on visiting India, you’ll probably want to avoid the months of April, May and June, as before the monsoon hits it’s just unbearable!
  • That idiot in my hostel that ruined everything….

ambulance girl featured

  • The taxi from Agra to Delhi was a sour way to finish the trip. After 5 hours of banter and being a genuinely nice guy, the driver tried to rip us off and then became really aggressive, even grabbing Alex by the throat. In the end we just paid what he asked, but it left us a bit shaken as we boarded the plane to Vietnam.

The Budget

As this month’s budget is actually just a little over 6 weeks, it’s a little skewed. But you can see a full total for the full 103 days at the bottom of this post too.

I have listed all expenses below in GBP (at an exchange rate of approximately 100 rupees to the pound).

  • Food & drink: £189 (lots of street food and cheap beer meant that the budget was pretty good!)
  • Accommodation: £305 (approx £7 a night).
  • Transportation (long bus / train journeys, local rickshaw rides and a taxi from Agra to Delhi): £106
  • Shopping: £40 (clothes and toiletries)
  • Activities: £63 (hiking, temple and palace entrances, camel trek, yoga)
  • Laundry: £26
  • Data for 3G phone: £24 (essential for work, and this got me about 10GB of data for the month)

Total expenditure: £753

Add this to the totals from the past two months and you get the total cost for 3 and a half months in India.

Month 1: £730

Month 2: £972

Month 3 (and a half): £753

Total spend for travel in India: £2455

So there you have it. Travel in India was a whole lot cheaper then I had expected, although it’s exactly what I had hoped for. If you have any budget related questions please leave me a comment below!
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Over 3 Months in India The Good, The Bad and The Budget

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  1. Steph Rogers

    THIS IS THE MOST HELPFUL POST EVER! I’m off to India in just over a month and this has made me feel so much better about my money situation, believe it or not I just threw my hands up in relief!! So glad you said the camel safari was worthwhile, I cannot WAIT until we do it!!!

    Sending you so much love and safe travels!!!

    The Student Traveller

  2. Post
    LovePuffin Travel Blog

    Thanks, Steph! I’m actually working on an ultimate guide to travelling India now. Hoping to finish up today so I hope you’ll find that useful too (it’s nearly 4,000 words!!)

    Where are you planning to visit during your trip? How long are you going for? x

  3. Post
  4. Naomi

    Hey Steph,

    I’m hopefully planning a 3 month trip to India in the near future and this is an amazing reference. I know earlier you mentioned that there were two of you through your india travel and so I was wondering if your expenses were based on 2 people ot just 1. Thank you ☺

  5. Lucy

    This is such a great post, thank you. I assume the budget indicated is per person, rather than for you as a couple…? My husband and I are planning a 3 month trip early next year too so your posts are invaluable for planning. Our route may look very similar to yours, did you consider going further East towards Darjeeling? Looking forward to reading the post you’ve mentioned in the comments above!

  6. Post
    Hayley Griffiths

    Hey Lucy yes, the budget was just for me but based on sharing a double room in a mid range kind of place most of the way. We definitely wanted to go further east but by the time we got there, it was such a hot time of year so we decided to get out of India! Hope you have an amazing time, and so glad my posts are helpful!! 🙂

  7. Post
  8. Nick Bastow

    What an amazing site!!! I’m 44, had 4 years of hell since a divorce, always wanted to see India, and sadly have limited funds, but you have given me soooooo much hope that I may now be able to afford the trip of a lifetime!!!

    I’m wanting to go for a month, I will be travelling alone, is this advisable? Hopefully meet like minded people once there?

    Do you have any recommended agents for the flights? And I’m hoping a budget of approx £700 will see me ok for the month I’m there?

    Sorry for so many questions, and thank you once again for a fantastic site!!!!

    Peace and love to all x

  9. Post
    Hayley Griffiths

    Hey Nick – thanks for your note, glad my post has given you the confidence to go for it after a rocky few years… Sounds like you deserve a break!

    You’ll have no problem meeting people whilst you’re travelling and absolutely no problem travelling on your own. Of course keep your wits about you as you would in any place. I think you should be fine on £700 as long as you don’t indulge in too many treats. My budget was based on 2 sharing a room so your accommodation costs may be a little higher than mine were as a single traveller, but don’t forget this is India, and everything is worth bartering for!

    Have an amazing time, and do get in touch via twitter or Facebook if you need any more tips 🙂

  10. Gregory

    Hey Hayley

    Great blog about your travels in India, sounds like it was absolutely fabulous 😊 Planning a similar trip to India in October 2018 😊 I just hope I get a invite to a Indian wedding like yourself too 👌

  11. Modern Living and Style

    Indian summers have a reputation of their own, I believe. I’m glad you could enjoy your trip in the Himalayas. The temperature is not that bad once you leave the city limits of Delhi and head towards the hills. I am headed to the mountains myself (with the husband) this summer, and I too intend to keep a budget journal of my trip. We will keep our fingers crossed so we do not have to deal with the touts or have a bad taxi/travel experience. But, one just can’t say.

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    You have a Knack for writing as I have been noticing it after reading your many other blogs and this one is the best written.

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