7 Tips for Snacking Healthily While Travelling

It can become a huge challenge to maintain healthy eating habits while travelling. Whether you’re travelling for work, a well-deserved holiday, or just chasing life on the road, it sometimes gets tough to avoid the temptation of tasty snacks.

Why? Because it just seems impossible to stick to a healthy diet if you’re frequently rushing to catch a bus, sat on a long flight, or spending your days running in and out of meetings. It’s much easier to grab whatever is right in front of you.

Well, now, you don’t have to compromise your healthy diet if you just follow these 7 tips to eating healthily while travelling. Remember, prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!

1. Pack it in advance

The best way to stop making poor snack choices is by planning and packing your food in advance. Choose the healthy and easy snack bites that you can bring with you wherever you go.

Preparing your snack foods ahead of time goes hand-in-hand with advanced planning. Planning ahead helps you eat healthily so that you consume foods that are high in nutrients. Not only that, you avoid overeating as well.

If you already have ready-to-grab snacks with you, you won’t have to face the struggle in deciding which snacks to buy from the convenience store along the way or take from the buffet table at the office. This way, you are positively sure that you will always be eating right, as browsing whilst hungry is never a good option!

2. A protein-rich snack is the way to go

The munchies you choose can have the power to make-or-break your travel experience. Have you ever suffered a sugar crash whilst walking around a museum? It’s not fun, believe me. So, pick snacks that meet your protein needs which you can easily bring along with you as you travel.

Snacks with high-protein content help you get the energy boost you need all throughout the day and would make you feel full until your next meal. Good examples are hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cooked chicken, or black bean quesadillas.

Remember to steer well away from processed food such as baked goods, crisps and sweets. These snacks will give you energy lags – you have been warned!

3. Make a list and buy it on your way

Sometimes, work can demand that you travel last-minute so this might not give you a chance to pack in advance. But you can still keep making the right decisions  through making a list of healthy food choices, and then just then buying them on your way.

Write down every healthy snack you can think of. Although this might be a tedious thing to do, making a list of snacks to buy on the road helps you be more aware of what you will consume. As a result, you’ll be able to do away with mindless eating.

Here is a sample of the few items that might be available at most terminals and stations – chicken sandwiches, non-fat or low fat yogurt, mixed nuts, and trail mixes without added sugary candies and chocolate.

4. Drink lots of water

It’s important to stay hydrated while travelling. It’s seriously amazing how energised you feel when you drink plenty of water, so bring your own water bottle with you as you travel so whenever you get access to a drinkable water source, you can refill.

There are a lot of benefits that a refreshing drink of pure water can give us while we travel.  Often we mistake hunger for thirst and we get lured to reach out for more snacks even when we are not really hungry. Jet lag can also be prevented with adequate hydration as it helps your body adjust to different time zones.

5. Avoid overeating

Snacking is a good practice but overdoing it is not. Overeating during snack time will trigger your body to slow down and focus more on digesting. So keep your snacks small but healthy so you won’t feel sluggish or sleepy.

Eating small amounts of healthy snacks in-between meals will send signals to your brain that the food supply is plentiful, so you will not be tempted to overeat at meal times and you’ll also be able to burn more calories quickly as your digestive system will always get stimulated.

Harvard School of Public Health recommends some other tips to avoid excessive consumption of food. These strategies include eating slower, paying more attention to your food, and disconnecting from your screen.

6. Buy chewing gum

Travelling can be very boring at times and that intensifies the temptation to munch on whatever snacks are available. Chewing gum will help you avoid eating something else, but also stimulates the stomach to aid digestion.

Also, when you’ve been chewing gum and that minty flavour lingers, sugary snacks will not taste as good so you are less likely to keep eating sweet treats.

7. Avoid snacks high in glycemic content

Other than the techniques mentioned above, you also have to actively avoid sugary snacks. These are the kind of snacks that you might crave, but will only drain your energy after you eat them. When you’re on the move it’s essential to eat the kind of snacks that will always keep your energy level so you can make the most of your travel experience.

High glycemic and processed snacks will make you feel sluggish, so stay away from sugary sweets, chocolate and soda. Choose low glycemic snacks instead as they can provide you with a sustained energy.

Snacking healthily while traveling doesn’t have to be difficult. Gear up with a set of packed non-perishable snack bites or stop by the grocery store and buy your hit-list so you can put together a flavourful and healthy snack that will keep you satisfied along the way.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Snacknation. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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