Help! I’ve been bitten by a spider! In Honduras!

Now, there is never a good place to be bitten by a spider, but Honduras has to be up there with one of the worst.

Let me take you back to the beginning.

It was a beautiful summer’s day in Copan, Honduras, close to the Guatemalan border. We had spent the day learning about various aspects of ancient Mayan civilisation including touring the famed Copan Ruins. The official name for the town is Copan Ruinas (literally translating to Copan Ruins), however the town is about a mile from the main ruins site. A little confusing, but still the town was excellent. A shining example of colonial architecture, with a sleepy main square and beautiful steep cobbled streets.

We decided to head out of the town (about 45 minutes from the town) to the Luna Jaguar Aguas Termales (some local hot springs), and were merrily splashing about in the pools well into the evening when the spings descended into darkness. That is when it happened.

I should have seen the warning signs. There was a spider in the toilet who looked like he had drunk a gallon of nuclear waste, it was so oversized. The changing rooms contained 3 frogs who stupidly bounded into the walls when we entered. This place was quite literally smack bang in the middle of the jungle.

Patiently waiting to board the bus for our journey back to Copan, I was suddenly hit with what I can only describe as a paroxysm of pain on my left foot. I mean it was AGONY. Jumping onto the bus, I quickly removed from my bag some of the special cream I was currently treating my bedbug bites with (yes, I had bedbugs. It was shit). Not able to focus on anything but getting away from the pain, my loving boyfriend Alex proceeded to rub said cream all over my foot. We actually have a pretty weird video of this moment thanks to Alex ‘putting the light from his phone’ on it (i.e filming without my knowledge).

Once I had calmed down I had almost convinced myself that there was a jellyfish on the loose in the middle of the Honduran jungle. This was not the case, as any good zoologist could tell you, however it did leave me wondering, what the hell could cause so much pain?

The following day I watched my foot growing larger by the second and had lost all feeling in my toes so decided to go and see a doctor. I explained what had happened and asked his opinion on the little bugger who was putting me through this. His diagnosis: Spider. Thought so. So anyway, $100 and 10 days of antibiotics and cream later, I was on my way to being on the mend.

I am now fully recovered you’ll be pleased to know. And now for the main attraction. What you all came here for. Here are some pictures of said foot, and its various stages of recovery:

Around an hour after the dreaded bite.

Around an hour after the dreaded bite. Doesn’t look too bad at this stage

Day 2 - holy shit!

Day 2 – holy shit!

Day 3 - red fricking raw

Day 3 – red fricking raw

Day 4 - getting there

Day 4 – getting there

Day 5 - looking like a burns victim

Day 5 – looking like a burns victim

Day 6. I can walk again!

Day 6. I can walk again!


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