Canoeing Emerald Lake (with super-happy video)


Adventure rating 1

It was a gorgeous summer’s day and the lake was icy electric blue… one of the bluest lakes I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was as if the sky had flipped and was now entirely contained within the chilly waters of Yoho National Park.

We were told that the best way to experience the lake was to rent a Canadian canoe and paddle out way out to the centre. So me and a couple of travel buddies parted with a few bucks each and climbed on in! We were very lucky to be almost the only tourists here too (the benefits of visiting in June!).

Emerald Lake

I, as the official photographer for the duration of the trip, somehow avoided being assigned a paddle, so I sat awkwardly and cross-leggedly in the middle and did my best not to capsize the boat (easier said than done, and we all know I have a bit of a reputation for this).

So there I was, being chauffeured to the centre of the liquid sky, chirping excitedly and being a general nuisance, flipping between cameras and taking clumsy photos. I was actually far too excitable to be assigned with the important task of documenting our day, however I have thus far been able to put together a rather rubbish collection of footage from our hour on the gorgeous blue expanse.

To counteract the utter crap job I did on the day, I’ve added some super-happy music to illustrate the level of merriment and joy I was feeling at the time.



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