A roadside stop like no other

If you’ve done some travelling in the USA, you’ll be no stranger to a quirky roadside stop. There are vintage 1950’s style diners, Flintstone theme parks and even entire towns devoted to bringing in the passing traffic. I have to admit I didn’t expect to find anything like that in Canada, but this is exactly what happened on a recent road trip, when near to the town of Armstrong, B.C, I came across Dave’s Goat Walk.

What the actual hell is a Goat Walk?

The concept is pretty much exactly as it sounds. There are goats, and they walk.

Daves goat walk

Where do they walk? Well, over the top of this road, actually.

Daves goat walk sign

OK, so there’s a pen of goats, a ramp and a goat platform. Weird, huh? You might be wondering what the pulley system on the far right hand side is for. Well, let me fill you in.

That’s right, the goats use the pulley system to raise cups of corn from ground level. Hours (okay, seconds) of entertainment, and it only cost me a quarter! And the fun doesn’t stop there…. oh no!

There are literally dozens of random things to keep big kids like me entertained. You want a massive gorilla to climb on? No problem. A giant Tyrannosaurus Rex to shake hands with? Got it covered.


But out of all the random stuff you can see here (I’ll leave some as a surprise, otherwise where’s the fun?), my absolute favourite has to be this log barn. Filled to the brim with candies, buns, homemade sausages, spicy pickles and an array of incredible tastebud-tingling treats, and all of which are completely free to try. That’s right… FREE.



Unfortunately, these gooey cinnamon rolls aren’t free, but it didn’t matter, as I’d filled up on yummy stuff on our pit stop anyway. But if you’d like to treat yourself (or more likely your entire family) to one of these sweet Canadian delights, it’ll cost you the princely sum of $16. Worth every penny, in my opinion!!

So, if you’re driving ¬†through Armstrong, British Columbia, be sure to stop by Dave’s Goat Walk. You won’t regret it.

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    Oh my days, if I ever somehow find myself in the area, I will have to go! And anywhere that offers free food is high on my list too.

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