5 Essential Gadgets for a Perfect Camping Experience

Summer, believe it or not is just around the corner and as an old saying goes, ‘prior preparation prevents piss poor performance’! Now is the best time to check your travel inventory and stock up on camping goodies for when the good weather finally does arrive.

Here’s my pick of gadgets and essentials for a top-notch camping experience.


Sleeping Hammock

Tents are cool and can be great for constant rain and high winds, but for starry summer nights nothing can top sleeping under the stars in a hammock! There are loads of options for every taste, need and budget, from as little as £10 up to more than £100, so shop around for the best option for you. I like this 2 person hammock which is portable and roomy for one for an overnight sleep.

Sleeping in a hammock is super comfortable, and you can basically sleep everywhere where are at least two mighty trees growing nearby. So – definitely find a place in your travel bag for a nice hammock if you can.


Wet wipes

Camping, can be a dirty business, and if you’re free camping or just won’t be able to get to a shower for a few days then a big pack of wet wipes will be your best friend. There are even towel-sized wipes too, which can be just perfect to keep yourself clean and smelling great! (If you’re in the USA you can get them in Sears stores or online, and if you want to save even more you can use these handy Sears online coupons  which work on other products too).


OK, you could just buy a torch but believe me, head torches are so much handier for that midnight toilet break (don’t laugh, at my age these are essential)! They’re also brilliant for rummaging through your bag at night as you can keep your hands free for maximum rummaging. I like this one which also has an infra-red setting for when the white light is just too much.


An inflatable bed

There’s nothing wrong with sleeping on a roll out mattress, but if you’re sleeping on anything thinner than a yoga mat you need to rethink your camping strategy. Sore hips and numb arms will most likely become a nightly occurrence. My solution? Invest in an inflatable bed if you’re able to carry it with you. Not only will it keep you more comfy, but warmer too.

Pocket shower

Pocket showers are just amazing. Fill with water, leave in the sun for a while and you’ve got a warm shower on the move! Make sure you’ve got a little privacy of course, and remember – you can’t use ordinary shampoos and shower gels because it might be toxic to the environment, so pick up a set of biodegradable shampoos too.

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