9 Game of Thrones Quotes Which Will Make You Want to Travel

Ahhh, Game of Thrones. You’re back in our lives and how we love your gratuitous violence, full-frontal nudity and merciless killing of the characters we grow to love.

But did you know that in amongst all of the bloodshed and incest lies a different message? One of exploration and new horizons, and of seeing all that the world has to offer? No? Well, check out these quotes from Game of Thrones which will give you the urge to pack your bags and flee Westeros for new beginnings.


Ahhhh Oberyn. You sweet, sexy, moustachio’d fool. You’re my kind of guy.

This is not my home

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Khaleesi.

Stand on wall

Now you’re just showing off, Tyrion.


That’s right, Ygritte. You teach that boy a lesson. He knows nothing, after all.


Another from my favourite dragon queen. Keep looking right ahead, Dany. You will find the way.

Dare to fly

Some sound advice from Theon’s uncle, there.

I’ll follow you down any road you so wish, Jon Snow.

Don't worry about death

He’s a slimy git but he’s got a good point.

winter is coming

A classic. Winter is coming, so head for the sun!

So, cast of Game of Thrones. We await your triumphant return to our screens. Keep inspiring us with your wanderlusting ways, and for God’s sake, be careful out there!


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