Getting Engaged in Bali

Woohoo! He finally did it! I’m actually engaged. Ring on finger and gettin’ hitched.

It happened in Bali, which does sound awfully romantic, doesn’t it? I mean, of course it was but Al’s always been pretty awkward and so it probably didn’t go quite to plan. More on that in a minute.

On the Saturday before we flew to Bali, he went to Hatton Garden, London’s diamond centre to see how he felt about buying a ring. I was currently on Beyonce-themed hen weekend, dressing up like Bey and dancing around chiding some fictional man for not putting a ring on it, and my boyfriend was a couple of hours away considering the same thing. It’s funny how subliminal messaging works, I guess.

Anyway, it turns out he did indeed want to put a ring on it, but didn’t know what style or size. A quick call to my best friends would’ve probably given him the answers he needed, but a bit of guesswork later, and he walked out of the shop with a solitaire diamond ring, that actually fits me perfectly, would you believe it.

Off we went, back to my beloved Bali, where we spent over a month whilst we travelled. Both of us love it there – the laid-back vibe, beautiful rice fields, amazing food, mountains to conquer. It’s just an awesome place and I feel that I haven’t written enough about it. Why, I’m not sure. Maybe I’m trying to keep it to myself? Stupid really.

On our third day, we took a tour around the island, first stopping at Tegenungan waterfall, which really is so much better than I expected. It was a hot day and so the chance to paddle in the falls was so welcome, and we hiked up to the top for an amazing view across the valley too.

Our next stop was Goa Gaja temple, which is famous for its carvings of Hindu gods, and the temple of Gunung Kawi, with incredible shrines carved into 7 metre cliff faces.

Finally, we headed for the town of Kintamani, which sits on the caldera of Mount Batur and has incredible views as far-reaching as Mt Agung, in Bali’s east. It’s here that we stopped for lunch at The Cave, a restaurant with arguably the best views in the area, but a rather questionable Chinese-inspired buffet that you have to pay through the nose for.

Still, worth it for the fantastic views and after lunch we moved to the car park to wait for our taxi driver. As we waited, we talked about our climb on Mt Batur just a year before, and tried to trace the trail up the mountain. It was then that Alex said to me ‘Oh, I got you a present’.

He reached into his wallet and took out a white gold ring with a single diamond. It was about this time that I realised what was going down, so I waited…. and I waited…. and he held the ring out expectantly…. and I waited. After what felt like ages, but was probably about 10 seconds I said ‘well, are you gonna ask me, then?’ (I mean, seriously, a girl waits her whole life for this moment and I wanted to actually hear the question, you know?).

He laughed, berated me for making him ask and then dropped down on one knee, blurted out ‘wanna get married?’ and jumped back up before I even had a chance to answer.

Just then, our taxi driver appeared from nowhere and announced ‘we go now?’. Now, there’s bad timing and then there’s terrible timing. This probably edges into ‘terrible’ territory, and I was so flustered and trying to explain to him what was going on and could we wait five minutes? He looked at me blankly and shuffled backwards, awkwardly.

And then I started laughing. I morphed into some giggling buffoon, looking around at nothing in particular and sliding a ring on and off my finger. I was laughing so hard and was so amazed that the ring fit me that it took me about a minute to realise that I hadn’t given Alex an answer.

I can’t really remember what I said but it was something like ‘yeah, of course!’.

And so we had come to the most romantic place in Bali to get engaged, and both totally failed at being normal. That’s OK. Who likes normal anyway? Not me, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being weird with him. Yay!

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  1. VickyFlipFlop

    Yay, congratulations both of you! Very exciting news. And always nice to have an engagement story that feels very ‘you two’ – each of you obviously fell in love with the awkward, from your story, so why be anything else!

    Happy happy joy joy xxx

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  6. Jayne

    I absolutely love this story – Hollywood moments are so overrated!! Congrats to you both and happy wedding planning 🙂 xx

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