A Quick Guide to Guernsey

Firstly, some general points: If you’ve never been to Guernsey, prepare to be surprised. May I point out that I am a normal 27 year old woman (well, normal-ish) and I found absolutely loads to see and do on this little gem of an island. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Secondly, I found it really hard to find a good guide to Guernsey when planning my travels, so hopefully this one will help you to find the best places to go on the island.

And finally, do not underestimate the Guernsey fog. It does exist and it prevented us from landing for a few hours, so we eventually had to go back to London Gatwick to refuel. Rubbish. However, I must say that Flybe were very accommodating and laid on the free drinks by way of apology, even though it wasn’t really their fault. Top marks!

So, here is my pick of the top things to do in a weekend in Guernsey. I managed to do all of these in 2 and a half days and didn’t feel rushed, but felt like I saw tons.

Icart – St Peter Port cliff walk

Running along the south and east coasts of the island, this challenging cliff walk will take around 3 hours if you don’t stop, but if you ask me, it’s nearly impossible not to stop to admire the craggy coastline and hidden sandy beaches. It’s very hilly and treacherous in places so make sure you take steady walking shoes!


Fermain Café

A fabulous stop on the Icart – St Peter Port cliff walk is the Fermain Café. Great local crab sandwiches (or for non shellfish lovers, the chicken rustic sandwich is suberb), and refreshing Rocquette ciders are washed down with a fabulous view of the quaint Fermain Bay. I give it 5 stars.

Fermain Bay drinks


You’ll probably need most of the day to do Herm justice. You can walk around this small island in just a couple of hours, but you’d be mad not to stop to enjoy some of the beautiful beaches on offer such as Shell Beach, a white sand beach rivalling a the majority of Caribbean beaches I’ve seen.

Another hidden beauty is Belvoir bay. Surrounded by cliffs, it’s wonderfully sheltered and it a great place to catch some rays. There are some lovely and highly recommended places to stay in Herm including self catered cottages and a campsite which overlooks the sea. You can access Herm from St Peter Port ticket kiosk, and tickets are £11pp for the return ferry. Ferries depart depending on the tide so check in advance.

White beach, Guernsey

Herm island

Cobo Beach

One the impressive northwest coast, Cobo beach is a sweeping expanse of sandy beach with a buzzing atmosphere. Due to its westerly facing location, it’s a great spot to grab a couple of cans and watch the sun fall into the sea. If sitting on the beach isn’t your thing, you can pop into the Rockmount, a pub serving good hearty meals and enjoy the view from their outside space.

Sunset, Cobo Beach

Occupation Museum

Guernsey isn’t just pretty beaches and good eats, it also has a rich history. The Channel Islands were the only area of the UK occupied by Nazi Germany during world war two, and a lot of this history is still peppered around the island today. Nowhere more so than the Occupation Museum, where you can find artefacts such as guns, uniforms and wartime posters. It’s right around the corner from the airport so there’s no excuse for not popping in on your way home. £5 entry.

Occupation museum, Guernsey

Guernsey food

Not strictly an ‘attraction’ in the physical sense, but I couldn’t do a writeup about Guernsey without mentioning the superb Guernsey food, especially the Guernsey ice cream. It’s rich, creamy and the locals are understandably very proud of it. Get some. Also get some Guernsey Gache (pronounced ‘gosh’), a yummy fruit cake smothered in creamy Guernsey butter. Yum.

The source of delicious ice cream

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