Hello, January!

It’s not that I think the new year is the perfect time of year to think about losing weight. It isn’t. It’s cold outside, there’s about a million calories sitting in my fridge in leftover chocolate and I gained a good 6 pounds over the Christmas period so none of my workout gear fits. Ideally I would just hibernate until May, but I don’t exactly see this as a viable life choice.

I have to admit I have reached breaking point both in my clothes and my ability to carry myself up a flight of stairs, so of course something has to be done.

I spent the first week of January pinballing around my flat trying to get used to my ever-increasing buttocks, promising myself that this year it would be different. Maybe this year would be the start of something new?! Of course, it’s the same internal monologue I have every January, but then something came in the post that really gave me the absolute boost that I needed.

Debenhams sent me an entire crate of gorgeous new workout gear and tech.

Whaaaat? Apparently, I’m some kind of alternative fitness blogger now? I know it seems ridiculous. Me. A size 16 London-dweller who gets out of puff after a couple of minutes of heavy clubbing (hahahaha, jokes. As if I do that anymore, I’m in my thirties now).

But looking back, I have, despite being utterly shite at sports and being picked last for every sports team at school (except rugby… I was the fat kid and that happens to be a real plus-point), I have in fact achieved a few good sporty things in my life.

I ran the London marathon, spent 6 weeks at a Thai fitness camp and I’ve climbed a few mountains in my time. So yeah why can’t I write about fitness? Who says that only skinny ladies can enjoy sport and looking after themselves?

I eagerly opened the package to find three full workout outfits, a pair of Sketchers, a water bottle and a Fitbit Blaze!

I wasn’t the only one eager to unwrap the goodies!

After a simple setup I can track heart rate, steps, calories and workouts, and even my sleep! This makes me very happy. As a not-so-closet geek, I love the idea of tracking everything and trying to beat my own record (and challenge my friends through the app too).

The FitBit syncs to my phone so I can track it all, set goals and reminders and control music for my workouts. There’s also an app called FitStar that acts like a personal trainer, putting together a work out schedule and video workouts for you.

It would be easy to get carried away but instead of making a big resolution that I know I’ll break, for 2017 I’m promising myself only one thing… to build physical activity into my life more.

Walk as much as possible, cycle to work a few days a week and take advantage of the green spaces nearby. Get some fresh air every once in a while! There’s no big weight loss goals, just to feel better and move more.

I started my new year like most people, with a terrible hangover. But whilst I would usually sit on the couch and eat pasta and cheese all day whilst crying into my Alka Selzer, I found the will to get up and go out for a refreshing new year walk through Liverpool.

Over the next week I started going to the gym more, and even found it in myself to try out one of the new outfits on a run in the local park. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I have workout clothes that actually fit and feel good, and I would highly recommend the Red Herring sportsware range, it’s so comfy!

I also got a beautiful pair of Skechers which I always assumed were just for kicking around in, but they’re the comfiest trainers I’ve ever had. Seriously, like pillows strapped to my feet – I don’t stop talking about them!

With my new kit I’m definitely on the right track to moving more in 2017. I’ll keep you posted in the following weeks to let you know how I’m getting on!

Check out the range of women’s sportswear at Debenhams.

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  1. Shandos

    Seriously, I never worried about weight and then I spent 6 months travelling through SE Asia and put on so much! (I’m a sucker for buffet breakfasts, plus I fear that switching from a glass of wine to a long neck of beer most evenings – due to budgetary reasons, ahem – may not have helped.) And then I came home for Christmas…

    What I’m mainly concentrating on though is getting moving more (at faster than walking pace). Running, swimming, yoga class tomorrow… And for my next period of travels, I’ve got a secret weapon to help, that I’ll reveal soon 😉

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