10 Essentials to Help You Pack Like a Travel Blogging Boss

If you’re an established or aspiring travel blogger, you’ll know that having some of the right equipment will set you up for success. It’s not easy capturing all of those epic travel moments, but by thinking smart about what you take with you, you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Aside from the obvious laptop and smartphone, which most bloggers will count as their bread and butter, there are a few things which I would suggest taking with you. I personally am travelling with all of these things, but then I never did master the art of packing light.

I’ve included a mix of travel essentials and tech, so you can be ready to travel and blog like a pro!

1. Go Pro Hero 4 Silver

GoPro Hero 4

A total classic, but still the best in my opinion, the Go Pro will allow you to create professional looking photos and videos for your readers to fawn over. I personally chose the Hero 4 Silver version as it has the built in screen at the back so you can instantly play back and see if anything needs re-shooting.

Buy it on Amazon

2. Go Pro Stabiliser

If you want to take your film making up a notch then consider getting a handheld stabiliser for your GoPro. It works just like a drone, removing the ‘shake’ from your movies, but you carry it with you. Granted, it’s a little bulky (the box takes up about a third of the main section of my day bag), and it’s pretty fragile, but the quality of the end product is incredible. You can opt for a 2 or 3 axis version, but I went for the superior 3 axis, which controls pitch, roll and pan, from Feiyu Tech.

Check out the video above of me playing around with it in England before I left. Keep your eyes peeled for videos coming your way using this technology!

Buy it from Helipal (ships from Hong Kong)

3. Sawyer Water Filter

sawyer water filter

If you’re planning to do lots of hiking, of if you’re travelling anywhere where it’s generally considered better to drink bottled water, then you might want to consider taking your own water filter. In my experience, it’s easy enough to buy bottled water in most places set up for tourism (South East Asia, South America and throughout Europe), but if you’re worried about water sanitation, or you want to have a back up plan, then this water filter from Sawyer removed nearly 100% of harmful bacteria, and can be used again and again up to 100,000 gallons. It’s also extremely lightweight and compact, so you won’t be weighed down.

Buy it from Gap Year Travel Store

4. A Gorgeous Notebook

Unless you have a photographic memory, chances are you’ll need a notebook to write down all of those little moments on the road. I know that for me, sometimes entire blog posts, poems or prose come to me at the strangest times, and I always like to have a notebook on hand to record them before they are gone forever. It’s also very useful for writing down those quotes from people which can add depth to your story. Before I left, a friend of mine gave me this lovely notebook, which I keep with me at all times. I’m afraid I don’t know where to get it from, but if you love it, then get in touch with me and I’ll ask my friend!

every day is an adventure notebook


5. A Portable Charger

portable charger

This is one of the most useful things I’ve bought for travelling so far. If you find all of your tech needs a lot of charging, but you’re going for a few days without power, then a portable charger is a must. Compatible with any USB cable, it will charge almost anything, and lasts for a few full goes on a smart phone before it needs to be topped up.

I got this one from a friend, but there are other similar chargers available on Amazon.

 6. Cocoon Grid-It Accessory Organiser

cocoon grid it

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be forever rummaging around in your day pack trying to find those small items; an iPod, your phone, those spare batteries… The list of tiny things could be pretty long, and it takes a lot of patience to sift through everything, especially when you’re travelling, and might be feeling rushed.

That’s why I did a flip of joy when I found the Cocoon Grid-It system. The boards come in small, medium and large sizes (medium pictured) and are designed to hold all your fiddly bits together. Allelujah!

Buy it from Amazon

7. A Quick Drying Towel

travel towel

Depending on your style of travel, you may or may not need one of these, but I find a quick drying towel to be one of the more useful items to pack when backpacking. Accommodation on a budget doesn’t always come with sheets and towels, so packing one of these can help you out on both fronts. Use it to dry off after a shower, dry it out and then use it as a sheet for hot climates. Does this make me gross? Probably. Does it make me a genius? Definitely.

Buy from Gap Year Travel Store

8. A Passport Holder

passport holder

If you’re on the road a lot, your belongings will over time take quite a battering. Don’t end up with a dog eared passport which prevents you from getting anywhere, get a passport holder to store it in. Trust me on this. My boyfriend Alex and I were travelling to Prague for a weekend a few years ago and he was denied boarding due to the state of his passport. Keep it in good condition and it will be your best friend for the 10 years or so you’ll be together.

9. A Decent Microphone

Rode SmartLav Microphone

OK, so this might not be an essential for everyone, but if you’re planning on creating high quality videos whilst you’re travelling, you will most likely need a good microphone to eliminate that nasty background noise. I chose the Rode SmartLav+, which plugs directly into your smartphone and only costs around £40. The difference in audio is clear, and it makes your final videos a lot easier to handle.

Buy it from Amazon

10. A Good Laundry Bag

world map laundry bag

Sorry to be all ‘mum’ about this, but a decent laundry bag will be so incredibly useful when you’re on the road. There’s nothing worse than sifting through your entire bag trying to find a clean pair of pants only to be confronted by pair after pair of dirty ones. You might as well wash your entire bag of clothes! Do yourself a favour and spend a couple of quid on a tough laundry bag. This one has a map of the world and costs about £6 from Amazon. If that sounds too much, you can get a plain white laundry sack for about £3.

So these are my essential items for packing like a travel blogger. What are yours?

Disclaimer: Some links within this article are affiliate links which when clicked will earn me a small commission, but will not cost you a penny. Two items were sent to me free of charge by Gap Year Travel Store, however I would not have written about them had I not been impressed with the quality of the items. All opinions remain my own. Always.

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10 Essentials to Help You Pack Like a Travel Blogging Boss


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  2. Lucy

    I absolutely love this! Particularly number ten – my mum actually just gave me one of these as I head off to India today!
    Great minds think alike! xxx

  3. Brittany Bergman

    GREAT suggestions! I’ve never seen an accessory organizer like that before, but now I must have one! I’m always shoving my accessories into random spaces in my bag, but this tool looks so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Alexandria

    I’ve begged and begged for a GoPro, hopefully the husband will provide this year! I love the laundry bag, I have an obsession with travel accessories!

  5. anna parker

    A good laundry bag is a great idea – I always end up rolling things up and it is then pot luck whether clean and dirty are properly separated!

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