The Perfect New York Sunset

Sometimes things just come together. When you’re travelling through a place and there happens to be an incredible festival you didn’t know about, or you stumble across the best restaurant you’ve ever been to. But personally, I love it when Mother Nature gets involved and shows off something really spectacular.

My trip to New York last summer just so happened to coincide with a rare and beautiful act of nature and man combined. Just twice a year, the sun sets ‘due west’, and due to the precise way that the city is constructed, the burning orange ball is framed perfectly by Manhattan’s sky scrapers. This natural phenomena for the ‘perfect New York sunset’ is called ‘Manhattanhenge.’

Happening each year in May and July (as long as skies are clear), it’s one of those rare treats that you don’t hear about often. The best views can be had at 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 57th streets, but any street with an unobstructed view is quite honestly, completely breathtaking. I’ll stop talking now and just let you enjoy the view….

Perfect sunset New York photographer


Perfect sunset new york manhattan

Perfect sunset new york

Perfect sunset new york portrait


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    I know! We were jumping in front of each other trying to get the perfect shot, just like when you walk further up the road than someone else to guzzump them to a taxi! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting!

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