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Travel Bloggers Explore: the Concept of The Perfect Adventure


It’s an exciting word isn’t it? Defined as everything from an exciting or very unusual experience’ to a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome’, the word means something a little different to everyone. 

For me, it’s both of these things. I don’t think you need to be bungee jumping or sky diving to be considered adventurous. Trying out a new restaurant, going on a blind date or starting a blog are all micro-adventures which build up to create a more fulfilled and adventurous life. But if you want to throw in the odd skydive, then who am I to stop you?

When I started really thinking about the concept of adventure, it became apparent that it was too big a subject to conquer all at once, so I decided to break it down into bite-size chunks. This post begins the ‘Adventure Inspiration’ part of my site. An area you can go to see the latest in adventure travel and be inspired for your next trip. I’ll be adding fresh new content to this area regularly.

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Bringing in the troops

It would be crazy to think that I can test-drive every adventure out there, so I’ve enlisted the help of the travel blogging community to share their experiences with you. Real travellers who have been there and done it, so you can hear it straight from the equine’s gob.

For my first post of the series, I’ve asked 5 travel bloggers ‘What is your idea of a perfect adventure?‘. Here’s what they had to say.

My Perfect Adventure – VickyFlopFlop Travels

Vicky is a full-time traveller blogging over at VickyFlipFlop Travels: The travel blog for people who want to make the most of their annual leave, weekends, money and friends, by exploring festivals and the world.

My perfect adventure would involve sailing. I’d have some awesome co adventurers along for the ride and we’d travel round the islands of the Philippines on a boat.

By day we’d go snorkelling when we came across a good spot, fish with line and relax on deck with the rum flowing. By night we’d moor at a desert island and cook up the fish on a fire as we watch the sun set. We’d talk freely without the distractions from the modern world and on every subject, no holds barred. We’d sleep under the stars exhausted from a day at sea.

The group would be from around the world all with a different stories and life experiences to bring to the chat. Along the way we’d meet people from the remote villages, even finding a karaoke bar on one of the islands! We’d play basketball with the locals. Life would be simple and honest – back to basics.

We’d have to kill a pig island style to survive and bring it out to our sailing boat in a kayak to eat that night. We’d wrestle each other on the rigs of the boat, take turns to sit pensively on the bow and gather on the deck for sundowner cocktails every night.

I’m lucky enough to say I’ve actually just lived this adventure with Tao Expeditions in the Philippines. Without a doubt it was the best week of my life and I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it.

phillipines tao expeditions

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My Perfect Adventure – Ric from Global Gaz

Ric Gazarian blogs at and at twitter @global_gaz

What lasts 14 days, covers 2000 km and sits on 3 wheels?  The Rickshaw Challenge. The challenge is an organized rally, where competitors race across India in an auto-rickshaw.

The iconic rickshaw of India boasts 7 hp, less than most riding lawn mowers.  It is a semi-open vehicle subject to the elements, think monsoons.  It is prone to frequent breakdowns.  There is no fuel gauge, so don’t be surprised to be driving on an empty tank.  Simply put, it is the most inappropriate vehicle for a cross-country trip across India.  That is why it is a memorable experience. 

rickshaw run india

So once a year, you have the opportunity to navigate from Mumbai to Chennai, coast to coast.  In this rally, you will be racing against a global mix of competitors.  Every day, you will be battling the insane traffic and horrific roads, eluding the police, fighting Delhi belly, and making friends with the locals.  You will be driving from 8-14 hours a day. 

rickshaw run road

If you are interested in challenging yourself and getting off the beaten path, this is the adventure for you. 

See the trailer here

My Perfect Adventure – The World As Bec Sees It

Meet 24 year old Bec from Sydney, Australia. She’s a trained Primary School Teacher and has been relief teaching for 2 years. She’s a musician, a cat lover, a lover of learning foreign languages and a passionate world traveller.

The perfect adventure for any traveller is when you are experiencing or achieving something that is completely out of your comfort zone which at the same time, challenges you in ways you never thought possible.

In the Summer of 2010, my best friend and I were travelling through the South Island of New Zealand, and on the day we arrived at Fox Glacier, our only option of seeing any glacier at all was to hike it, as the helicopters weren’t going due to bad weather.

The World As Bec Sees It GlacierHiking to the top of a glacier was one of the last things I wanted to do on my travels, but never the less I agreed to do it. The three-hour hike each way to and from the glacier was a journey that ultimately challenged my fitness and emotions, but it was driven by adrenalin, desperation and excitement of seeing a glacier for the very first time.

To my surprise, standing on the glacier and taking in my surroundings greatly exceeded my expectations, and all of a sudden made the whole arduous journey to the top well worth it. The hike to Fox Glacier was and still is one of the most challenging travel adventures I have ever experienced, but it was also one of the most rewarding and accomplishing.

That day, I realized becoming adventurous and being continually surprised and amazed was a requirement for experiencing all that travel has to offer, and one of many parts of the recipe for the perfect adventure.

My Perfect Adventure – Dave’s Travel Pages

Dave Briggs has cycled from England to Cape Town, and Alaska to Argentina.

dave-briggs-on-the-bikeMy idea of a perfect adventure involves a bicycle, a tent, and the road. Preferably unsealed. There’s just something about bicycle touring which ticks all the boxes for me – You get to travel at your own pace, see some fantastic sights, meet wonderful people, camp out under the stars at night, and appreciate nature at its finest. It can be challenging at times sure, but that 5 hour ride uphill in the Peruvian Andes is rewarded with the most stunning views the world can provide. You carry what you need, and let the cares of the world slip away. It’s a simpler life, a more relaxing life, and yes, a healthier life!

The best thing is, anyone can do it. I’ve met 75 year olds cycling the length of New Zealand, families with young children cycling in Argentina, and a Canadian guy who had left the house on a two week holiday, and was still on the road 3 months later. It’s exciting, fulfilling and satisfying. Bicycle touring is the best way to see the world – try it and see!

My Perfect Adventure – One Travels Far

Stacey is all about living life adventurously. She’s here to give you inspiration so that you can do the same-no matter what adventure means to you.

My idea of a perfect adventure is to be completely out of my comfort zone, in a country I’ve never been before. New countries equal new adventures, which could include the chance to jump off something high, get lost somewhere dodgy (which happens to me with surprising regularity), or simply pay a bill in a place where I don’t speak a word of the language.


There’s really no greater adventure than getting on a plane and going somewhere new, especially if you’re traveling solo. The anticipation, excitement, and sometimes even a little fear, let you know you’re truly alive, and you’re forced to live completely in the moment.

That’s the best part about travel. Adventures are around every corner, just waiting to be found. Which is why my idea of a perfect adventure will always be traveling to a different country, where every day is different.

 So what about you, dear reader? What does adventure mean to you?


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