The Top 5 Luxury Travel Destinations In The World Right Now

For some people, the idea of a luxury holiday conjures up dreams of five-star hotels or a private ocean-view villa. Others see a luxury holiday as a chance to take a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something new in comfort.

For me, it can be both things. I am an adventurer at heart, so cruising to the Galapagos was one of the best things I ever did. But to do it in the relatively luxurious surroundings of a Silversea Cruise, was the icing on the cake.

There is no wrong way to take a luxury holiday, as it all depends on what the phrase means to you as an individual. Although it was a daunting task to narrow down this list from all the wonderful holiday spots, here are my top five luxury travel destinations in the world right now.

French Polynesia

Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you can’t get much more ‘away from it all’ than French Polynesia, and with 118 islands scattered through the area, you’ll find one with the vibe you’re looking for. One of the most populated islands, and with the most luxurious accommodation choices is Tahiti.

Cruises stop on Tahiti, but for a really relaxing holiday, stay on dry land in one of the luxury villas such as Villa Mahana, which has 4 bedrooms and its own private pool – perfect for families or groups of friends travelling together.


If you would prefer to visit the Mediterranean, there are plenty of options for a luxury holiday there as well. Forget Greece or Italy: the island of Malta offers a wide variety of activities for tourists, and has beautiful beaches and ancient towns to explore.

Malta also offers a variety of luxury villas close to its towns, but not so near that you feel crowded, like this one in Mellieha. If a luxury villa is not what you are after, there are lots of other accommodation choices available. Do some looking around, recommends Andy, a travel blogger at until you find the place that’s perfect for your luxury travel needs.


For some people, a luxury holiday is about having a once in a lifetime experience and being able to enjoy it in comfort. South America and Africa both offer a wide variety of what can be referred to as eco-tourism. which focuses on the natural environment, animal and plant life of the region. Typically, these types of adventures are near game preserves or the rainforest.

In Peru, Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and El MaPi by Inkaterra offer tours to show guests the natural wonder of the country. Tours visit the rainforest, as well as visits to archaeological sites like Machu Picchu. The lodgings are impressive and luxurious, giving you a sense of adventure without having to forgo a warm shower!

The Netherlands

If visiting an island or taking an adventure holiday don’t sound like your idea of luxury, then head to an historical city for charming hotels and some top-class dining. Amsterdam has recently undergone a regeneration programme, adding museums, shopping, and other modern amenities to its already gorgeous squares and canals.

The Conservatorium has been converted into a luxury hotel in the heart of the city’s museum square, with he Van Gogh Museum, Concertgebouw, Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark and Amsterdam’s most indulgent shopping right on your doorstep. The building itself uses both old and modern architecture, blending the two to create a luxury hotel that is unique, and consistently voted the top hotel in the Netherlands.


Another option for a luxurious holiday is on the southern Thai island of Phuket. Although it’s true that Phuket is awash with tourism, there are still places that you can get away from it all as well as enjoy the natural surrounds such as Phang Nga Bay, also known as James Bond Island, pictured above.

Find the best beaches on the west coast, and choose a resort set back from the busy towns, such as The Slate, The Pavilions or Andara Resort Villas, all five star resorts with unrivalled service in the area.

From adventure in South America to a villa in Malta, that was five of the top luxury travel destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for an exciting luxury adventure, a city break, or a relaxing luxurious holiday by the water, there is a luxury vacation for you. With the new emphasis on experience and maintaining comfort, a luxury holiday exists almost everywhere, if you can find it.

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  1. Izzy

    Gahh oh my god I love love love these! I think I would die happy if I went to Malta. My friend went on her honeymoon there last year and literally the photos are to die for! The water, the sand, even the food all just look incredible! It’s on my bucket list for sure, along with New York because I have watched far too many romantic films now with the empire state building and kisses in central park and all those that haha. Honestly though I’m going to have to do some serious saving haha – I have literally pin boards dedicated to places I want to visit and hotels I want to stay at! It’s borderline obsessive aha! The the next one on the list is Sri Lanka though (my boyfriend has said he’ll take me for my birthday eek!) I know its niche but my mum went for her 25th wedding anniversary and it looks breathtaking, I mean the scenery is spectacular! There are these gorgeous Tea Trails you can visit (these ones: and they look like something you’d only ever hear about or see in movies! Has anyone else been? Is it really as beautiful as it looks? My mum only took a few photos so I have limited first hand physical photos aha, but she swears it was just the most beautiful place!

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