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I recently attended the Traverse 16 travel blogging conference, a weekend of learning and networking in Cardiff. Below I share my notes from the sessions I attended. I hope you find them useful!

Understanding the value of you, the blogger by Tika Larasati – Global Influencer Marketing Manager, Skyscanner


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  • Why do brands work with bloggers? Trust, relevancy, growth. There’s an opportunity to grow together.
  • Dare to test a new idea. Forward thinking brands will appreciate creativity.
  • Play to your strengths – is it niche content? A particular social channel? Learn from what works – be data driven. Traffic, revenue, social engagement etc
  • Building a media kit: Include results of previous campaigns. What type of content does the audience engage with?
  • Demographics, Interest, Language, Geography.
  • Add links to best writing, video, broadcast etc. Point to best work.
  • Identify your strongest channels and use analytics to demonstrate value.
  • Include traffic sources, visitors, bounce rate, average time on site, top performing pages, virality (use Buzzsumo to measure). Organic traffic is the most important.
  • Use previous activities as a benchmark for the brand to manage expectations and estimate results.
  • Collaboratively share results between brand and blogger
  • Skyscanner measures ‘activation rate’ – how likely are audience to be activated to do a search, to purchase etc.
  • AARRR metrics – acquisition, activation and retention are the most important. Product activation and conversion rate is strongest with social influencers when comparing to other channels such as paid search.
  • Every blogger has a unique value based on assets, skill sets and power of negotiation.
  • The more quality you can show to the quantity of results, the more valuable you are to the brand.
  • Always look at the bigger picture. The long-term partnership.
  • Add media kit to ‘about’ or ‘work with me’ page.

How to take your blog full time by Monica Stott – The Travel Hack

Image credit: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

  • Love your blog like you’d love your child
  • Have a professional website for your freelance job.
  • Mention your freelance work wherever possible (make it known you’re doing freelance work).
  • You can’t build a long-term future on short-term thinking
  • Include affiliate links to product reviews and wherever possible to create a passive income stream.
  • Don’t just do a one off review for a company. Be a long term ambassador- Charge a monthly fee (work out bronze, silver and gold levels of coverage).
  • Turn your inbox into a moneymaker – respond to all emails with a positive response and upsell. NEVER send a rude response!
  • Never drop your fees. Word gets around. Offer more value instead.
  • Have a blogging business plan: What’s the purpose of your blog? What goals do you want to achieve? List 5 ways you are going to achieve theses goals. Stick to your niche.
  • Who are you blogging for? Define your audience.
  • Set financial goals. Regularly review your progress.
  • Keep learning – identify trends in blogging.
  • Have a diverse income – Affiliates, sponsored posts, freelance work, writing for other blogs, advertising, brand partnerships, photography.

Time saving and growth strategies:

  • Cut out TV
  • Only post once a week
  • Schedule your social media
  • Set up canned responses for emails
  • Write wherever and whenever you can
  • Spend more time promoting your blog than writing posts
  • Set up a feedly to organize your favourite blogs in one place (to share content). Promote other bloggers’ content
  • Find similar blog posts to the one you just wrote and comment
  • Spend time growing social channels

Be proactive with selecting brands to work with. Approach them with a speculative email to ask if they’re looking to work with bloggers. Follow up with a proposal. Be disciplined. Set goals. Be accountable to yourself.

How to launch an e-product by Ximena de la Serna

Image credit: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

5 steps:

  1. Email list campaign
  2. Live and recorded webinars
  3. Weekly YouTube videos and blog post content
  4. Instagram and periscope daily series
  5. Facebook ads

Email list

  • Start building your list, it doesn’t need to be massive
  • Make them used to hearing from you at least weekly with free valuable content (some could be exclusive).
  • Send one broadcast to your entire list talking about talking about the free webinar / training you are going to give (related to your e-product).
  • Get people to opt in for the free training.
  • On the day of the free webinar, send 3 emails reminding people about it. It’s today. It’s in one hour. It’s in 15 mins. Follow up the next day to give a link to the recording.

Live and recorded webinar

  • Create a 1hr or half hour value packed webinar on the topic.
  • Out of an hour, aim for 45 min of value / 15 min of sale.
  • Deliver it live once and record it (google hangouts). Set up a page on your blog with the recorded webinar. Send traffic to that page during the rest of the launch. Always give it a sense of urgency.
  • Close to the end of the launch, do a Q&A live webinar.
  • Start promoting it to your list at least 4 days before.

Weekly YouTube video and blog post content

  • Relevant content themes on blog / YouTube to complement online e-product offering.
  • Could use YouTube to complement online content such as packing lists etc. Fill those posts with affiliate links.

IG and Periscope

  • Release one IG pic a day announcing that day’s lesson on periscope
  • Deliver a 20 min lesion + 10 mins Q&A each day
  • Prompt people to sign up to the email list via IG. Use Prettylink
  • Save each periscope
  • Package them later and use as a bonus for those who buy your e-product.

Facebook ads

  • Create them one week before your live webinar
  • Choose the ‘increase conversions’ option.
  • Trail 4 creatives and roll out the most popular one.
  • Target 10,000 to 15,000 people
  • All of them go into your ‘interested in’ list

Webinar Alley (app via WordPress)

Google Hangouts ‘on air’ – for everyone.

Vimeo Pro allows private videos (accessed only via a link).

S2 members plugin – plug in to help unlock content once bought.

Pro bar session – Affiliate Marketing by Simon Heyes – Simon’s Jamjar

Image credit: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

  • Banners don’t really work.
  • Links in post work well.
  • Add finisher box on most popular posts – where to go, what to pack.
  • Mask links under bitly or similar – google url shortener.
  • Deal posts (promote at times people get paid).

If you haven’t already read it, then check out my post Traverse Travel Blogging Conference – Everything You Need to Know, or visit the blogging section of the site for more blogging inspiration and tips.

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  1. Mike Clegg

    Extremely helpful tips, especially the growth and time saving suggestions.

    From my experience so far I have found blogging does take a lot of time and definitely needs efficient time management and restrictions on things such as Tv and Netflix 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome post and suggestions.

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