How to Have the Ultimate Body Recharge Holiday in Bali

Let’s face it, life can be pretty stressful at times and now and again we can all feel that we need a bit of a recharge. The good news is that Bali is the ideal location if you want to have the ultimate body recharge holiday.

I spent a couple of months in Bali, travelling and working (and also getting engaged!) so feel a close connection with this beautiful island. If you need to get back to nature, and press the reset button on your busy life, here are my tips to do just that.


It may not surprise you to learn that yoga is very popular in Bali, after all, Bali is quite a spiritual place and it welcomes seasoned yogis as well as first timers with the same open arms. Yoga classes are available in various resorts around Bali and elsewhere too.

Yoga Barn is the most famous yoga house in Bali, but my favourite is Radiantly Alive in Ubud that has a few small studios that allow the instructor to spend more time helping you to achieve the correct position. Alternatively, you could always find a quiet spot on the beach and practice some yoga as the sun comes up.

Beach Time

Spending a bit of time on a beach is a very easy way for you to recharge your body. Whether you’ve booked a holiday through the Voyage Prive Bali Deals you’ve found or you’ve used another holiday provider you’ve probably already read up on Bali’s beautiful beaches. Laying in the sun on Indonesian sand as the waves gently crash against the shore is one of the best ways to let all of those stresses and strains leave your body.


Bali is home to three volcanoes that are nothing short of stunning. As you make your way close to any of the three volcanoes chances are you will forget all about your troubles and, instead, feel overwhelmed by their beauty and sheer magnificence.

I hiked Mount Batur at sunrise, and it was one of the most serene moments of my entire visit to Bali. Except for the naughty monkeys that try to steal your food! In all seriousness, visiting a volcano can help you feel even closer to the natural world and truly begin to understand how powerful nature can be.


Bali is full to the brim with some incredible diving sites that can help to recharge your batteries. The east coast has some of the best diving spots. Nusa Dua and Sanur in the Southeast, or for a more ‘off the track’ diving experience, head to Amed, about halfway up the coast.

One thing to keep in mind when diving in Bali is that the currents can be quite strong, especially in wet season when there are more storms. Make sure you speak to your diving school to ensure you are comfortable with the potential currents.


In addition to volcanoes, Bali is also home to waterfalls that must be visited. Niagara Munduk that’s located in Buleleng is made up of two waterfalls which are so beautiful they will take your breath away.

NungNung waterfall that can be found in Petang is an incredible 900 metres above sea level. Found at the bottom of 599 steps this waterfall is 50 metres high and the ideal place for you to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the flow of the water as you forget your troubles.

Or you can get close to Tegenungan waterfall (above) – make sure you get there early to beat the crowds and perhaps take a dip.

With so much to offer everyone, Bali is the ideal destination if you are looking for the ultimate body recharge holiday. Offering yoga, diving, wonderful beaches, awe-inspiring volcanoes and beautiful waterfalls, you know your time in Bali is going to bring your smile back while you begin to de-stress.

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