Ventoura – The App for Social Travellers

Do you ever wish there was an easier way to meet people when you’re travelling? I mean, it’s all very well and good chatting to your roommates in your hostel or meeting people in a local bar, but this is the 21st Century. Can’t we be a bit more creative?

Luckily, I’ve found the answer. Ventoura is a new app which brings travellers together, even before they reach their destination.

Create your profile and add in the dates and cities you’ll be travelling to, and Ventoura will match you with other travellers looking to visit the same city when you’re there.

You can browse through scores of travellers, swiping right if you like the idea of hanging out with them, or left if you don’t, just like another well-known app you might’ve heard of… (and don’t you just love the buzz of swiping right?)

When you get a match, you can message them to say ‘hi’, find out more about their travels, and arrange to meet up when you arrive.

Instant travelling buddies!

Ventoura travellers

No more finding cool people on your last day in a city and then having to leave. As you’ve done all of the pre-amble you can jump straight into things as soon as your feet touch the ground. Start with a few ‘hello’ beers by the canal in Amsterdam, tuck into the best steaks of your life together in Buenos Aires or catch the afternoon surf with a pal in San Diego.

As well as finding other like-minded people to travel and create memories with, Ventoura has a cool feature where you can book tours with local people too. Look out for the ‘Local City’ badge when you’re adding in your travel plans.

Just like finding travel buds, these local hosts show up when you start ‘Ventouring’ (browsing), and you can tap their profiles to find out more about them and the tour they offer. You can book directly through the app too… Simple!

Ventoura info

A couple of cool trips I found were a bike tour in Copenhagen for 100 Krone (under £10), a whiz around Rome on the back of a Vespa for 10 Euros (about £7.50), or a photography tour in the Arctic Circle for 60 Euros (about £45).

There are loads more to choose from, and because you’re booking directly with the tour guide, the prices are some of the cheapest I’ve seen.

The app, particularly the local guides element, mainly focuses on well-travelled European cities at the moment, but there are enough cities in Asia for me to be able to add my travel itinerary for the rest of the year. Why not download the app now and see if we cross over?

See you on the road!

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Disclaimer: This is sponsored content by Ventoura for which I received compensation, however I never endorse a product I don’t believe in, and all views are, and always will be my own.

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Ventoura The App for Social Travellers

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  1. Boudica

    Thanks Haley! Love the honesty about it being sponsored. I think there is a definite need for apps like this. A couple have popped up all at the same time — I wonder who’s gonna win?

    There is also Tripr which seems to have a wider reach then Ventoura and Backpackr which is mainly focused on people on gap years. They are all cool, my favourite so far has been Tripr because it has no reach but don’t discount either of the others.

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