Where’ve You Been? A Two Month Catch Up

Well, this is long overdue, isn’t it?

It’s been over two months since my last post and some of you guys would be forgiven for thinking I’d fallen off a cliff. Nope! Nothing as exciting as all that, but I have been putting all my efforts into settling back into life in England following my epic year-long travels.

So all those pesky distractions, like family, friends, finding a job and a home and of course eating ALL THE CHEESE has meant that the last couple of months have been just CRAZY. I often joke with friends that I haven’t got time to scratch my bum, but actually it really feels like that at the moment.

If you’re wondering if I’ve managed to squeeze in any travels into the last few months since arriving back home, then the answer is; OF COURSE I HAVE! I wouldn’t be quite right in the brain if I hadn’t, and I think my friends and family would probably have been questioning who I’d become.

So yes, I have been to Dubrovnik, Warsaw and Rome, as well as had a lovely weekend in Suffolk. Now that I’m back in the land of the living you’ll be hearing all about these little jaunts as well as more about my life settling back in to London.


This is also my opportunity to let you know what I’ve been up to since basing myself back in London, and to reveal my ridiculously exciting trip coming up in just a few weeks’ time!

Life back in London

I moved back to South London in late June, and have been busying myself with catching up with some of my best friends as well as some of the London travel blogging scene. It’s amazing how quickly things change, and there are SO many more new faces to get to know, as well as some of my old faves.

So, a few cool blogger events I’ve been to recently…


Vicky and Simon enjoying the cocktails at the Wexas evening

Had a right cracking night catching up with Vicky Flip Flop and Simon’s Jam Jar following a cocktail making class at Barrio East in Shoreditch thanks to the guys at Wexas. We mixed cocktails like the absolute pro’s that we are, and then naturally set fire to them. Oh my god and I had the most delish bowl of Pho since Vietnam at Pho Viet 68 in Shoreditch. YUM.


It was great to see some of my old friends and to find out more about Wexas, who specialise in super-luxury tailor made trips worldwide. I’ve been salivating over their self-drive trip through South Africa’s winelands… I’ve always wanted to visit Africa as it’s the only continent I haven’t explored yet (OK with the exception of Antarctica), but I’m kind of saving it for a special treat. You’ve gotta leave yourself some surprises, right?

Me and Ed Rex @RexyEdventures

Me and Ed Rex @RexyEdventures at the Barbados celebrations

Another great night was hosted by Visit Barbados in central London. They wanted to spread the word that 2016 is the 50th year of Independence and there are celebrations being held all over the country all year. Actually, there’s so much to say that I’m going to write another post and spill all the deets there.

Wework in Aldgate - free bar :)

Wework in Aldgate – free bar 🙂

This week I visited Wework in Aldgate which, as a former digital nomad was a bit of a wet dream. Amazing, glass-filled offices with a really lovely collaborative feel, designed for freelancers and small businesses to get shit done and work together too. Oh, and there’s free beer on tap. So if you’re basically an alcoholic you could make back the membership fee in beer. 🙂

Oh yeah and I went to see Coldplay at Wembley! I paid a ridiculous amount to sit in the crappiest seats ever, but I couldn’t have cared less! Coldplay are, I’m unashamed to admit, my absolute favourite band ever!


‘Up and up’ seeing Coldplay at Wembley

20160615_195732My new job as marketing manager for Latin Routes – a tailormade tour operator specialising in holidays to South America- has kept me busier than I care to admit too! But I’m really enjoying being part of a team again. We bonded over a weekend in Warsaw (more to follow) and also a night out in the Four Thieves in Clapham, which is basically a big arcade for grown ups, with an absolutely mint car racing track!


Plans for the rest of the summer?

Right, this one is a biggie. Guys… I’m going to the GALAPAGOS! Yes, the home of giant tortoises, blue footed boobies and frigate birds! The place where Darwin had his ‘lightbulb’ moment and the concept of evolution was discovered!

I’ll be travelling with Silversea and Latin Routes on a 5 star, all inclusive 7 day trip sailing around the Galapagos islands. I even get to spend a couple of days in Ecuador on the way through too! I can’t wait! I head off in August and will be snapchatting and blogging my way around, so stay tuned!

In other news, I’m getting a cat!


I’ve decided it’s time to put down some roots and get myself a little ball of fur to look after. And no, I’m not talking about Alex this time. It’s a real life kitten and I get it next week. Will share pics when she’s settled.

That’s about it for now. Now I’ve got myself sorted you’ll be hearing more from me. I hope you’re ready!

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  1. Katie @ the tea break project

    Wow – sounds like it’s been crazy settling back into London life. Sounds like you’ve really dived into it though, which is fab. Cocktail making…. jealous. 😉

    And I’m super excited to hear all about the Galapagos Islands! It’s one of those places that I’ve always thought would be incredible to visit, but that for the moment is probably too expensive. So I’m determined to live that bit of the world vicariously through you. At least for now… Maybe you’ll inspire me to throw caution to the wind and visit for myself!

    Looking forward to kitten pictures, too – adorable! 😀

  2. Post
  3. Post
    Hayley Griffiths

    Thanks for the comment Katie! I’ll do my best to do the Galapagos justice! I’m treating myself to a lovely long-range lens for my DSLR so hopefully I’ll get some good pics from that. Stay tuned for cat pics! 😉

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